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Received the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1996
01 May 2019

Japanese doctor Dr Takano's Diamond C800 complex All in one solutions cream and 7 solution in one mask, one of the main ingredients of Fullerenes, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996, and its ingredients proved to be the best. The free radical (scavenger) is the new anti-aging darling of the Japanese medical beauty industry. It has the unique ability to rotate at high speed and absorb the free radicals in the cell through the molecular layer to achieve anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects. The antioxidant capacity of this product is 172 times that of vitamin C, and the production of collagen is 800 times that of the placenta. Therefore, its repairing ingredients can be completely released to every corner of the skin, which can effectively prevent skin aging, improve pores, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing and whitening effects!