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Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)

  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)
  • Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)

Chika FBP Nano Cream (Fullerene)

FBP nano cream contains more than 40 kinds of natural ingredients, together with major ingredient of Fullerene (Awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry in‥1996) is a super anti-oxidant molecules, able to inhibit the damage of free radical. Combined with high-efficiency botanical extracts, and penetrates into the muscle base with a variety of essences through tiny nano-infiltration technology, which makes the skin form a longer-lasting water-locking film to enhance moisture and Removes the oil from the bottom layer of the skin and the oil particles on the face, so that the skin can instantly achieve zero pores, whiten the skin, and naturally restore the elasticity and firmness.

Main ingredients: Fullerene, Hyaluronic Acid, Western pear (produced by Yamagata Prefecture, Japan) fruit juice enzyme, Fuji Apple (produced in Aomori Prefecture, Japan). It is made up of more than 40 natural ingredients (30g/1.06oz).

- Soothes sensitive, red, swollen, anti-inflammatory and repairs capillaries, creating a smooth and delicate skin

-  Strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, moisturizes the skin thoroughly

As a powerful antioxidant, it can effectively inhibit the damage of 
free radical

-  Promote cell renewal and restore youthful skin

-  Address signs of aging

-  Promotes collagen synthesis

-  Can remove excess oil secretion

-  Firming lifting, tightening pores and improving relaxation

-  Effectively improve fine lines and prevent stains

-  Excellent and lasting effect

-  Containing the main ingredient "Fullerene", the ability of resisting ultraviolet light, anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation effect last up to 11 hours

Best choice of everlasting skin care products

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